Halifax PJ Walk 2021

Stella Rocks 2021

From Sunday, June 13th to Friday, June 18th,  we will be participating in the PJ Walk for Kids in support of Ronald McDonald House Charities® Atlantic and the more than 2,200 Maritime families who they serve each year.

All donations will go directly to the charity and donations over $20 will receive an official tax receipt.

Our fundraising goal will support Maritime families. Please consider sponsoring us to help raise funds for this great cause!

Team Members:

Greg Doyle
Kimberley Doyle 
Maylyn Doyle (child) 
Dalvay (Dog)
Matt Mitchell
Amy Mitchell
Charlotte Mitchell (child)
Ellena Mitchell (child)
Mark Farrow
Lesley Farrow
Grace Farrow (child)
Emma Farrow (child) 
Alex Peck
Kelly Peck
Raleigh Peck (child)
Aldan Peck (child)
Noelle Peck (child)
Alexis Peck (child)
Mary Clegg
Colin Clegg
Cathy MacDonald-Ramey
Scott Ramey
Kyle Ramey (child)
Lauren Ramey (child)
Ryan Ramey (child)
Julia Khodos 
Vadim Khodos
Andre Lefebvre
Christine Lefebvre
John-Pierre Lefebvre (child)
Roddie Lefebvre (child)
Tony Bucci
Niki Bucci (child)
Grace Bucci (child)
Jonah Bucci (child)
Elijah Bucci (child)
Dug Bucci (dog)
Dottie Bucci (dog)
Pierre Bourdages
Tracy Bourdages 
Tristan Bourdages (child)
Gabriel Bourdages (child) 
Brad Dryden
Kirstin Maclean 
Jamie Dryden (child)
Mac Dryden (child)
Sharon Campbell
Lily (Dog)
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